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Home » News » What should I do with stretch film aging? How to avoid?
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What should I do with stretch film aging? How to avoid?

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Stretch film is a kind of plastic. Generally speaking, plastic is a kind of material which is easy to aging. The quality and service life of plastic products are closely related to the aging of plastics, avoiding the aging of stretched film and prolonging the service life. The correct method can effectively improve the quality and quality of the entire product, then how to avoid the aging of the stretch film? Here are some of the following methods for everyone:

    1. The tensile film has good moisture resistance, transparency, strength, stiffness and printability, and is suitable for holding dry foods;

    2, put it in a dry place without contaminants, avoid contact with some sticky things;

    3, avoid putting together with chemicals to avoid corrosive damage;

    4, stretch film should try to avoid the sun exposure;

    5, try to avoid heavy rain scouring, dry placement, avoid storage in wet places;

    6, try to put in a good place in a hygienic environment;

    7. The place where the stretched film is stored should be ventilated;

    Stretch film can be used for irregular body articles or combination packaging of goods, etc. We must pay attention to the above methods in the process of use, choose the place to avoid light and ventilate, prevent moisture and sunscreen, and better extend the life of stretch film. Avoid unnecessary losses for the company.

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