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Home » News » What is the use of mesh bags?
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What is the use of mesh bags?

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  Because of the rich nutrients in the fruits and vegetables, we are very fond of vegetables and fruits, especially young and old, especially they can help us to regulate our body and give us a healthier body. However, because some fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients are too delicate, their leaves and other parts are very vulnerable, so we need mesh bags to protect them during transportation.
     The mesh bag manufacturer tells us that the mesh bag can protect the fruits and vegetables during transportation, but the mesh bags used by different fruits and vegetables are different, such as between carrots and oranges, apples and glass. The mesh bags are different because they have different shapes, so the mesh bags protect them differently.
Smaller fruits and vegetables like oranges and apples are very easy to lose and damage during transportation, while vegetable mesh bags are able to gather them together to prevent the goods from being caused by too small a volume. Loss, and the mesh bags protect them without hindering them from “breathing”, so in long-distance transportation, the mesh bags are almost always used, which not only reduces losses, but also prolongs the storage time of vegetables and fruits.
     However, when we choose the mesh bag, we should choose a higher quality mesh bag. Although its price is not high, because of the large amount of use, if the quality is too bad, it will cause more cost.

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