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Home » News » What are the methods for choosing a mesh bag?
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What are the methods for choosing a mesh bag?

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The mesh bag is mainly made of polyethylene as the main raw material, which is extruded, stretched into a flat yarn, and then woven into a mesh bag. This bag can be used for packaging of vegetables, fruits, etc., but it is not suitable for hard and water chestnuts. The bulk material is packaged.

More and more manufacturers of mesh bags have become a reality in the industry. As the number of factories increases, a large number of low-quality and inferior products appear, which brings trouble to consumers and prevents this from happening. Xiaobian will share with you how to choose a mesh bag?

1. Check if there is pressure in the situation.

2. Observe the standards reached during sewing.

3, the density should meet the requirements.

The toughness of the mesh bag is a simple inspection material, which can be loaded into the net bag of the agricultural product to check the toughness of the product, and the property of the product tension is good, so the quality of the product depends on two groups, and the preparation technology is very important. A good product will have a good life. All consumers who choose a mesh bag product must choose a good product to purchase.

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