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What are the main features of Leno Tarps?

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Leno Tarps is a synthetic, lightweight, and cost-effective alternative to traditional tarps. The versatile leno tarp can be utilized in a variety of roles. Some examples are as follows: Offer to customers who show up without a tarp at re-wholesale yards. Protect blueberry bushes from birds.
Product Details
1.Improves airflow and ventilation in hot and humid conditions.
2.Provides a means of controlling temperatue and humidity of work areas .
3.Enhanced site safe by reducing the risk of debris and other small objects falling outside the scaffold.
4.Unaffected by mild acids or alkalis and does not support bacterial,fungal or organic growth.
1.Different sizes and colors are available  
2.Tear-resistant super durability minimizes breakage during transprotation and storage   
3.Water-resistant and washable: it prevents contamination or damage from rain or moisture   
4.Double waterproof surfaces.Reinforced corner;
5.UV stabilized and sunproof

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