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Home » News » Six points of precautions for using stretch film
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Six points of precautions for using stretch film

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It is very important for the correct use of stretched film. Some users use the stretched film incorrectly, which will waste a lot of stretched film, which will not only save cost, but also affect work efficiency. Below Shenzhen stretch film manufacturer Let me explain to you the six points to note about the use of stretch film:

1. When the stretched film has burrs, it will cause a pull-off phenomenon when the customer uses it. When packing, pay attention to the maintenance edge and do not collide, causing the edge rupture to cause quality problems. As long as there is a little crack, this is also rare. The problems reflected by the customer cannot be burrs.

2, if the stretch film cut neat and uneven can not be shipped as waste, including the two ends must be rolled up when the goods are made, the material is cut to be neatly cut, not more than there.

3. Minimize the appearance of the wrinkles at the ends of the stretched film and the red pressed lines in the middle, which will seriously affect the aesthetics.

4, the stretch film can not be long and short on one side, the white standard on each side is about 1 cm, the paper tube must be aligned.

5, the stretch film production equipment die to be clean, no black impurities, can not have burnt plastic fall, if the naked eye can be found must be immediately removed.

6, in the transportation process, it is best to fix the stretch film, do not let it roll, reduce damage during transportation.

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