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PP woven bag manufacturers

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PP woven bag

PP woven bag Also known as flexible container bags,tons of bags,space bags,etc.,is a flexible transport packaging capacity,with container crane or forklift truck,container unit transportation can be realized.It is ideal for warehousing,packaging and transportation, and it can be widely used in cement,chemeical fertilizer,salt,chemical raw materials,ore and other bulk packaging of materials for road,rail and sea transport.
PP woven bag Features:
1. Produced with 100% virgin material
2. Non-poisonous, hurtless, tasteless
3. Biodegradable, eco-friendly
4. Water-proof, oil-proof, bacilli-proof
5. Not affected by moisture and not shrink or wrinkle with environmental changes
6. High gloss and easy to keep clean
7. Good dimensional stability and flatness
8. Customers` all design acceptable
We control the quality of products strictly,keep every step standard,provide you the best price, In a word,Your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit.

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