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Home » News » How to detect the quality of vegetable net bags?
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How to detect the quality of vegetable net bags?

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net bag

Vegetable net bag as a consumable, our demand for it is very large, especially long-distance transportation of fruits and vegetables, are inseparable from vegetable net bags, but although the price of vegetable net bags is cheap, but we The amount of use is relatively large, so it is very important to choose a quality vegetable bag.

     The mesh bag manufacturer tells us that when we choose the mesh bag, we should choose the mesh bag under natural light, because the inspection of the mesh bag will be more detailed under natural light, and it is easier to check the same batch under natural light. The color of the mesh bag is the same, and the dirt marks are relatively easy to detect.

In addition to checking the color and dirt marks, we also need to check whether the edge of the mesh bag is flat, because the qualified mesh bag should be flat around, if there are obvious irregular bumps, then the batch The quality of the mesh bag is not good.

     The mesh bag manufacturer said that in addition to the production process, the raw materials must be inquired, because the quality of the mesh bags produced by different plastics is different, and the elasticity of the mesh bags produced by good plastic raw materials. It is relatively large in toughness, and it is not prone to breakage during use, and it is used longer than other inferior mesh bags. For a long time, it is very suitable and can reduce certain costs. 

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