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Main Products
Our main packaging products: Bulk bag (FIBC), PP woven bag,  Mesh bag, Nets, PE tarpaulin, Special products in rolls for customers worldwide. Through years' endeavor, our products
sell well in North America, South America, Europe and Australia and get well received by our customers.

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Ventilated Stretch Film/Pallet Wrap or Air Flow Stretch Wrap is ideal for containing pallet loads of produce that are likely to get damaged by ripening gases, humidity and mould. They are recommended for securing pallet loads of fresh or cold farm produce during transportation and storage.Ventilated



Monofilament Leno Mesh Bags manufacturers

We are a top china manufacturer of Leno bags for packaging your onions, nuts, shellfish, citrus, or firewood. Woven bags, or Leno bags, are ideal for these purposes as they are solid, form-stable, and breathable. While we make Leno bags for packaging of seasonal products, other products like firewood require production of Leno bags year-round.



Stretched film manufacturers in China

Stretched film has the characteristics of high elasticity, high viscosity, high transparency, strong toughness, waterproof and moisture resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance. It is widely used in industrial production and logistics transportation to protect goods from extrusion. Then how t



We specialize in 8 reasons for the breakage of stretch wrap film

Our specialty introduces eight reasons for the breakage of stretch wrap:1. The chain clamp is damaged in the process.2. The Raw material contains impurities with large differences in properties (xìng néng).3, a variety of inconspicuous transverse pull factor factors (factor) further expanded, so tha



Six points of precautions for using stretch film

It is very important for the correct use of stretched film. Some users use the stretched film incorrectly, which will waste a lot of stretched film, which will not only save cost, but also affect work efficiency. Below Shenzhen stretch film manufacturer Let me explain to you the six points to note a

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